Value Added Services: Bidding Assistance Presently Not Available.

Using our strong presence of country associates in the project country, we can assist as follows:-

  • » Purchase of Tender Document on behalf of our client (your company) from Project Place/Country
  • » Assist in preparing winning Bid (exclusion secretarial services)
  • » Attending pre-bid meetings on your behalf and clarifying the queries from Tendering Authorities
  • » Submitting the Bid on your behalf at Project Place/Country
  • » Attending Bid Opening meeting on your behalf at Project Place/Country
  • » Arranging the needful information/inputs from the Project place/country required for preparing/writing the winning Bid Proposal.
  • » Arranging the needful market intelligence, Business Intelligence from the Project place/country required for preparing/writing the winning Bid Proposal.
  • » Regular follow-up,Liaison with Tendering Authority on your behalf.
  • » Assisting for needful during Project life cycle.
  • » Regular follow-up for payments During and post Project from Tendering Authority.
  • » Assisting in arranging Visa invitation, Travel arrangements, Safety, Security measures if visit to the project place/country is required.
  • » Assisting in ensuring smooth completion and project delivery.
  • » Arranging Translation services/interpreter/staffing if required

List of few associates present in different countries:-

  • Albania
  • Bangladesh
  • Bulgaria
  • Burundi
  • Chile
  • Ethiopia
  • Gambia
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Macedonia
  • Madagascar
  • Mauritius
  • Moldova
  • Mozambique
  • Mozambique
  • Nigeria
  • Nepal
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa
  • Uganda
  • Zambia offers the following online advertising solutions among others.

Email Advertising Email Advertising
Introductory letter,Newsletter,etc almost 2 lakhs potential clients ask for a Quote.
Tender Hosting Services Tender Hosting Services
Any agency can upload their Tender/ Expression of interest/Auction/Sale ask for a Quote.
Banner Advertising Banner Advertising
Any Company can advertise their banner on ask for a Quote.
Market survey report Market survey report We can provide you market survey report of tenders floated by any agencies worldwide for the previous years.

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