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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice Type Value
29-Mar-2020 26-May-2020 france high frequency internal calibration subsystem for radiometers tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 03-Jun-2020 france development of standardized practices for monitoring landscape values and natural capital assessment - expro+ tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 14-May-2020 france electric propulsion diagnostics for plasma thrusters - expro+ tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 18-May-2020 france ub-meter accuracy is becoming instrumental for more and more applications in urban environments. for professional use (e.g. autonomous vehicles, machine control, first responders), tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 19-May-2020 france cost efficient indoor positioning with sparse local infrastructure - expro plus tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 04-May-2020 france p3-neo-xxi - enhancement of user tools tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 07-May-2020 france implemented within esas distributed space weather sensor system (d3s) tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 22-May-2020 france feasibility study of space-based relativistic pnt system - expro+ tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 08-Jun-2020 france ground components for dvb standardized beam hopping (artes at 6b.070) tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 11-Jun-2020 france develop and test compact switch technology at ku- and ka-band, compatible with on-chip integration. two 4-by-4 switch matrix demonstrators will be designed, manufactured and tested. targeted improvements: achieve a high degree of miniaturisation, a tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 17-Jun-2020 france develop monolithic microwave integrated tuneable active filters for frequency converters to be used in ground-based communication equipment. one k-band (20 ghz) and one ka-band (30 ghz) tuneable band-pass filters designed with miniaturised footprin tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 15-Jul-2020 france design, develop and test a 10-20w class ka-band european monolithic microwave integrated circuit high power amplifier with improved efficiency as needed for applications in active array antennas. tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 08-May-2020 france development of the lisa gravitational reference system front-end electronics (grs-fee). tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 04-Jun-2020 france hybrid cloud infrastructure, network and security services (hcinss) tenders Refer Document.
29-Mar-2020 08-Jun-2020 france cloud and platform services tenders Refer Document.
27-Mar-2020 23-Apr-2020 france a pt to pt ethernet l3vpn 1gb access between bldg 1050 rm 1, 1st flr, 1050 boulevard de france building 1050, parris island, sc, 29905 cci and bldg 599 switch room, 599 geiger blvd, beaufort, sc 29904-5000 cci. tenders Refer Document.
27-Mar-2020 30-Mar-2020 france repair of extinguisher, engine tenders Refer Document.
23-Mar-2020 01-May-2020 france supervision of civil works under the project - rehabilitation of public schools in tbilisi and increasing energy efficiency tenders Refer Document.
23-Mar-2020 19-Jun-2020 france parachutes tenders Refer Document.
23-Mar-2020 30-Apr-2020 france beach operating agreement - catalan beach - relaunch lot 1 corrigendum Refer Document.

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