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Israel Launches Tenders for Desalination Solar Power Plants

[Dated: 25 Jan 2020 ]     Country : Israel

The Western Galilee plant will be located about 1 kilometer in-land. The inter-ministerial tenders committees for seawater desalination and solar power plants invited companies to declare their interest in establishing a new desalination facility in the Western Galilee and a large power plant near Dimona.

The publication of pre-qualification tender forms for construction and operation of the desalination plant, located north of Acre, follows the government`s approval of a strategic plan in June 2018 to cope with the impact of long-term drought. The plant will be capable of producing at least 100 million cubic meters per year (mcmy) of drinking water. Western Galilee plant will be located about 1 kilometer in-land, adjacent to the Golani Brigade`s Shraga training base, and desalinate water from the Mediterranean Sea by reverse osmosis technology.

Desalinated water will be supplied throughout the year, in accordance with seasonality supply regulations. If required, the plant will be able to supply additional water to the Sea of Galilee. The solar power plant, the country`s largest to date, will be built south-west of the Negev city of Dimona and stretch across three square-kilometers of terrain. Construction work on the 300 mega-watt solar farm is expected to commence next year and finish in 2023.

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