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Neoenergía Iberdrola wins Contract for 2 New Wind Power Plants in Brazil

[Dated: 01 Jul 2019 ]     Country : Brazil

Neoenergía, a subsidiary of Iberdrola, was awarded contracts to sell 30% of the wind energy it will produce in two new wind turbines farms in northeastern Brazil. The contracts were awarded to Fuerza Eólica del Brasil S.A. (FEB) – a company controlled by Neoenergía – that sold 30% of the energy of the wind farms, Oitis 1 and Oitis 8, which will be located in the state of Piauí (northeast).

The energy of the two wind farms, with 74 megawatts of installed power, was sold at a rate of 80 reais per megawatt (about 21 dollars), and the start date of operations is scheduled for January 2023. Neoenergía says that the new wind farms, whose investment amounts to 294 million reais (about 77 million dollars), will be ready about six months before the scheduled date.

After the sale of 30% of the energy of these two plants, Neoenergía said that the remaining 70% will be sold in the market. The Neoenergía group has 17 wind farms that produce 516 megawatts (MW) and is building another 15 with capacity to produce 545 MW. The conclusion of the implementation of all the projects, the portfolio of assets in wind energy operation will total 1.1 GW in 2022.

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