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The Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) is an autonomous agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was founded by law in 1981. According to law the Agency shall promote co-operation between Iceland and developing countries. The goal of such co-operation shall be to support governments of the developing countries in improving their economy and thus participate in strengthening social progress and political independence within the framework of United Nations. Furthermore the aim shall be to promote mutual understanding between Iceland and the developing countries by increasing cultural relations.

The General Director: The General Director is appointed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs for a term of five years. The Director General works under the supervision and the ultimate authority of the Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Director General is, inter alia, responsible for the day-to-day operation of ICEIDA, personnel matters, the preparation of budgets, maintenance of information and preparation of annual financial reports.

On-site Staff: The current organisation chart for ICEIDA was approved by in January 2001. The organisation chart and job descriptions were prepared in accordance with the stated intention of, then active, Board of Directors to reduce centralisation and delegate powers and responsibility to Country Directors, Project Managers and Technical Advisers in the partner countries and their local counterparts. According to the organisation chart there are Country Offices in all ICEIDA partner countries, each with a Country Director. Country Directors are responsible for all projects in the country in question and are the on-site representatives of the Director General. Special Project Managers are appointed for major projects, and often assisted by Technical Advisers. Consultants are generally employed in projects of lesser scope. The majority of the above parties are currently Icelandic. The term of employment of Country Directors is not time specific, but they are subject to transfers. The term of employment of other Icelandic employees in advisory capacities (Project Managers and Technical Advisors) is two years each time with the possibility of an extension for up to five years in total. In addition to the Icelandic advisors, numerous locals are employed in projects.

Short-term consultants: In addition to the above employees, ICEIDA employs a number of short-term consultants. Their term of on-site employment may range from 3-4 weeks up to 6 months. Short-term consultants are employed in various capacities, primarily: The preparation of new projects and consultancy in the preparation of project contracts; short-term consultancy on the implementation of projects and independent project evaluations. Short-term consultants are either Icelandic or foreign. For example, foreign counterparts are normally employed to work with Icelandic parties involved in evaluation tasks.

View The Icelandic International Development Agency Tenders

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