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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice Type Value
19-Nov-2018 10-Dec-2018 india development of e-learning course on farmer producer organisations (fpos) tenders Refer Document.
07-Dec-2018 17-Jan-2019 india raw materials supply tenders Refer Document.
07-Dec-2018 17-Jan-2019 india overhauling maintenance work of lp piping system and associated valves etc. tenders INR 442000
07-Dec-2018 15-Jan-2019 india replacement of hot and cold air damper actuator tenders INR 93000
07-Dec-2018 15-Jan-2019 india cutting dismantling of old level switches and re-erecting testing and commissioning of new level s tenders INR 70200
07-Dec-2018 15-Jan-2019 india complete removal of old and damage terminal blocks channel end plate lugs ferrule etc and installa tenders INR 99015
07-Dec-2018 15-Jan-2019 india installation of different size tenders INR 186318
07-Dec-2018 11-Jan-2019 india supply of miscellaneous items for boiler non pressure parts and furnace bottom ash disposal system tenders INR 2850000
07-Dec-2018 08-Jan-2019 india construction of hydrogen cylinder shade tenders INR 680001
07-Dec-2018 07-Jan-2019 india for the break down maintenance works of dual belt gravimetric raw coal feeder tenders INR 1140000
07-Dec-2018 07-Jan-2019 india breakdown and overhauling maintenance of 02 nos ahu, 02 nos chillers, 10 nos cassette split ac are tenders INR 400466
07-Dec-2018 06-Jan-2019 india providing and fixing of led street light luminaries tenders INR 195580
07-Dec-2018 06-Jan-2019 india supply of male/female contact arm tenders INR 194800
07-Dec-2018 06-Jan-2019 india painting of battery room, dg room, guard room and different places tenders INR 198810
07-Dec-2018 06-Jan-2019 india construction of sand drum tenders INR 197892
07-Dec-2018 06-Jan-2019 india dismantling and fixing of cable trays tenders INR 197705
07-Dec-2018 06-Jan-2019 india painting of 132 kv and 33 kv tower, beam and gantry tenders INR 195000
07-Dec-2018 04-Jan-2019 india work of operation and maintenance of 220 kv substation tenders INR 1764000
07-Dec-2018 04-Jan-2019 india work of operation and maintenance of 132 kv substation tenders INR 2241000
07-Dec-2018 01-Jan-2019 india comprehensive annual maninteance contract of gym tenders INR 1239700

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