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FMO is the Dutch development bank. We finance companies, projects and financial institutions from developing and emerging markets. We believe that entrepreneurship is key in creating sustainable economic growth and improving people’s quality of life. We specialize in sectors where our contribution can have the highest long-term impact - financial institutions; energy and agribusiness, food & water.

Developing countries are often considered high risk – and even their most innovative, promising businesses often do not have access to the financing needed to reach their potential.

FMO supplements this need with a range of services and products that include:

  • Equity, loans and guarantees
  • Capital market transactions
  • Mezzanine and other tailor-made solutions
  • Long-term and short-term project financing
  • Access to our expertise, vast network and partnerships

We also foster capacity development, such as financial administration & planning skills, and sustainable business practices.

FMO’s solid profile allows us to invest in higher risk markets, either with our own capital or on behalf of the Dutch government.

Founded in 1970, FMO is a public-private partnership, with 51% of our shares held by the Dutch state, and 49% held by commercial banks, trade unions and other private-sector representatives. FMO has an AAA rating from Standard & Poor’s.

View Netherlands Development Finance Company Tenders

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