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MIGA is a member of the World Bank Group. Our mission is to promote foreign direct investment (FDI) into developing countries to help support economic growth, reduce poverty, and improve people's lives.

MIGA’s operational strategy plays to our foremost strength in the marketplace—attracting investors and private insurers into difficult operating environments. We focus on insuring investments in the areas where we can make the greatest difference

  • Countries eligible for assistance from the International Development Association (the world’s poorest countries)
  • Conflict-affected environments
  • Complex deals in infrastructure and extractive industries, especially those involving project finance and environmental and social considerations
  • South-South investments (from one developing country to another)

MIGA offers comparative advantages in all of these areas—from our unique package of products and ability to restore the business community's confidence, to our ongoing collaboration with the public and private insurance market to increase the amount of insurance available to investors.

As a multilateral development agency, MIGA only supports investments that are developmentally sound and meet high social and environmental standards. MIGA applies a comprehensive set of social and environmental performance standards to all projects and offers extensive expertise in working with investors to ensure compliance to these standards.

We fulfill our mission by providing political risk insurance guarantees to private sector investors and lenders. MIGA’s guarantees protect investments against-non-commercial risks and can help investors obtain access to funding sources with improved financial terms and conditions. Our unique strength is derived from our standing as a member of the World Bank Group and our structure as an international organization with our shareholders including most countries of the world. Since our inception in 1988, MIGA has issued more than $24 billion in political risk insurance for projects in a wide variety of sectors, covering all regions of the world.

We also conduct research and share knowledge as part of our mandate to support foreign direct investment into emerging markets. This underscores our position as a thought leader and source of pertinent information for the political risk insurance community.

View Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency Tenders

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