OJSC “MTS Bank” is a new name of MBRD under which the bank performs all operations networkwide in all regions of the bank’s presence.

Renaming as MTS Bank is one of the steps within the scope of executing the strategy of the Bank’s development till 2016.

Our main task for the next few years is to come to a qualitatively new level of activity and to become firmly established as a leading universal bank on a national scale.

OJSC MTS and MBRD are part of the single holding Sistema JSFC.

The MTS brand undoubtedly is one of the strongest brands of Russia. The brand awareness in Russia is 100%! MTS has more than 70 million subscribers all over the country and 3500 sales offices.

Projecting the MTS brand onto the sphere of financial and credit relations, the Bank is getting ready to provide service excellence, to offer advanced and technological bank products and services.

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