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The object of the Fund is to assist Arab and other developing countries in developing their economies.

  • Types of Activities
  • Making loans and providing guarantees,
  • Making Grants by way of technical assistance and providing other types of technical assistance,
  • Contributing to capital stocks of international and regional development finance institutions and other development institutions and representing the State of Kuwait in such institutions.

The Fund's operations are focused primarily on the sectors of agriculture and irrigation, transport and communications, energy, industry, water and sewage.

The Fund may extend its assistance to different types of entities which include:

  • Central and provincial governments, public utilities and other public corporations.
  • Development institutions, whether international, regional or national and, in particular, development finance institutions.
  • Corporate entities that undertake projects which are jointly owned by a number of developing countries as well as mixed or private enterprises that enjoy corporate personality, and are of a developmental nature and not merely oriented towards making of profit. Such enterprises must be either under the control of one or more developing country or have the nationality of any such country.

(Where the Borrower is an entity other than the state in the beneficiary country, the Fund usually requires that the state in such country enters into an agreement with the Fund whereby it guarantees the performance of the borrower's obligations under the respective loan agreement.)

View Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development Tenders

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