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A prosperous and integrated region progressively free of poverty and dependency.

The DBSA will advance development impact in the region by expanding access to development finance and effectively integrating and implementing sustainable development solutions.

The Development Bank’s strategy is under-pinned by two major themes:
a) Generating investment in assets, hard (physical) and soft (human & institutional), that serve the poor, directly and indirectly, and that support broad-based wealth creation (infrastructural and productive capital)

b) Mobilising, developing, applying and sharing knowledge in support of greater development effectiveness, innovation and an enabling developmental environment.

Given the scope of the development challenge, limited resources and many role players, the strategy is focused on the Development Bank acting as a catalyst, integrator, centre of excellence and strategic implementer.

To ensure a focused approach towards achieving the ultimate vision, the DBSA has adopted a four-pronged strategy:

  • i. Catalyse, expand and enable delivery of basic and social services.
  • ii. Provide and build human and institutional capacity.
  • iii. Promote broad-based economic growth, job creation, efficiency, fixed capital formation and regional integration.
  • iv. Engender sustainability, external (i.e. environmental, social and economic) and internal (financial and institutional).
View development bank of south Tenders

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