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The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), is a regional financial institution which was established by an Agreement signed on October 18, 1969, in Kingston, Jamaica, and entered into force on January 26, 1970. The Bank came into existence for the purpose of contributing to the harmonious economic growth and development of the member countries in the Caribbean and promoting economic cooperation and integration among them, having special and urgent regard to the needs of the less developed members of the region

  • The functions of the Bank are as follows:
  • to assist the borrowing member countries to optimise the use of their resources, develop their economies and expand production and trade
  • to promote private and public investment, encourage the development of the financial upturn in the region and facilitate business activity and expansion
  • to mobilise financial resources from both within and outside the region for development
  • to provide technical assistance to its regional borrowing members
  • to support regional and local financial institutions and a regional market for credit and savings
  • to support and stimulate the development of capital markets in the region

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