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22-Jul-2017 12-Sep-2017 morocco works of planning of 25 km of tracks coming to the rural communities tenders
22-Jul-2017 12-Sep-2017 morocco realization of the works of development of the building of the taxes tenders
22-Jul-2017 12-Sep-2017 morocco acquisition and delivery of reactor maintenance equipment tenders
22-Jul-2017 11-Sep-2017 morocco realization of the services of maintenance and maintenance tenders
22-Jul-2017 07-Sep-2017 morocco supply of detergents and cleaning products for mosques tenders
22-Jul-2017 07-Sep-2017 morocco realization of the geotechnical studies of the construction works of a crushing oil processing tenders
22-Jul-2017 07-Sep-2017 morocco directorate-general manufacturing development work tenders
22-Jul-2017 07-Sep-2017 morocco technical studies and follow-up of works relocation of shops tenders
22-Jul-2017 07-Sep-2017 morocco purchase of services related to dialysis benefits for patients with terminal chronic tenders
22-Jul-2017 31-Aug-2017 morocco purchase of textbooks and school supplies as part of the royal initiative one million school bags tenders
22-Jul-2017 29-Aug-2017 morocco construction completion and construction works at ait malek municipality tenders
22-Jul-2017 24-Aug-2017 morocco drinking water supply of rural municipalities tenders
22-Jul-2017 24-Aug-2017 morocco architectural study and follow-up of the works of the sidi roads abdelhamid and coming tenders
22-Jul-2017 24-Aug-2017 morocco works of installation of solar panels for the supply of a water pump tenders
22-Jul-2017 24-Aug-2017 morocco drinking water supply of rural municipalities tenders
22-Jul-2017 23-Aug-2017 morocco study and follow-up of the construction works of the annexed administration of the territorial com tenders
22-Jul-2017 22-Aug-2017 morocco monitoring and control of the various phases of implementation of the project to acquire a tug typ tenders
22-Jul-2017 22-Aug-2017 morocco rental and exploitation of the wholesale selling station of vegetables & fruits tenders
22-Jul-2017 18-Aug-2017 morocco road works to the city of tangierlot no. 42 tenders
22-Jul-2017 18-Aug-2017 morocco monitoring and monitoring of the quality of the work extended for the rectification of the trace tenders

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