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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice Type Value
06-Dec-2019 07-Jan-2020 taiwan review report on jiang-jun-xi basin and beimen region drainage tenders USD 11500000
06-Dec-2019 17-Dec-2019 taiwan purchase a 68 meter and over hight of aerial ladder fire-fighting truck tenders USD 50000000
06-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 taiwan the intelligent pig (ip) inspection of dalin refinery plant (group a) tenders USD 49500000
06-Dec-2019 03-Jan-2020 taiwan the intelligent pig (ip) inspection of underground pipeline tenders USD 28993774
06-Dec-2019 10-Dec-2019 taiwan software and hardware maintenance of computer system and operation labor outsourcing of flight inf tenders USD 8847382
06-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 taiwan screw press type oily sludge dewater equipment tenders Refer Document.
06-Dec-2019 13-Dec-2019 taiwan 1 lot of optical fiber composite overhead ground wire and accessories tenders USD 15400000
06-Dec-2019 19-Dec-2019 taiwan assisting in procurement and administration of project tenders USD 4580000
06-Dec-2019 07-Jan-2020 taiwan catalyst block 110 sets tenders USD 23562000
06-Dec-2019 16-Dec-2019 taiwan preventive maintenance of 23kv gis and scada repair tenders USD 18427500
06-Dec-2019 07-Jan-2020 taiwan belt cleaner and the other 74 items including replacing and testing services. tenders USD 49350000
06-Dec-2019 02-Jan-2020 taiwan technology industial wastewater treatment plant automatic water-quality and water-quantity monitor tenders USD 4799697
06-Dec-2019 31-Dec-2019 taiwan industrial park environment clean and mainten service tenders USD 4666254
06-Dec-2019 31-Dec-2019 taiwan dajia youth industrial park sewage treatment plant 2020 annual purchase of chemicals for sewage tr tenders USD 4945500
06-Dec-2019 06-Jan-2020 taiwan strengthening the business waste cleaning plan, filling out the review and management mechanism an tenders USD 6084000
06-Dec-2019 17-Dec-2019 taiwan project of facilitating energy and resource integration,and industrial symbiosis tenders USD 30000000
06-Dec-2019 17-Dec-2019 taiwan intelligent metal industry cultivate platform project tenders USD 15000000
06-Dec-2019 17-Dec-2019 taiwan computers and other information equipment lease plan tenders USD 11505000
06-Dec-2019 12-Dec-2019 taiwan procurement of rescue appliances truck tenders USD 12000000
06-Dec-2019 12-Dec-2019 taiwan (procurement of three heavy-weight water tank fire-fighting truck and six light-weight water tank tenders USD 43800000

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