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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice Type Value
15-Oct-2019 22-Oct-2019 taiwan data acquisition instruments for structure monitoring of earthquake early warning system tenders USD 9999990
15-Oct-2019 14-Nov-2019 taiwan urology supplies 4 item (including free equipment) tenders USD 42408000
15-Oct-2019 14-Nov-2019 taiwan general surgical supplies 1 item (including free equipment) tenders USD 11080000
15-Oct-2019 14-Nov-2019 taiwan urology consumables1 item (including free equipment) tenders USD 18170000
15-Oct-2019 13-Nov-2019 taiwan hi-tech taiwan film production project tenders USD 10000000
15-Oct-2019 21-Oct-2019 taiwan intelligent pig inspection for 42 and 56 offshore submarine pipeline tenders USD 93813000
15-Oct-2019 21-Oct-2019 taiwan intelligent pig (ip) inspection for 34 offshore submarine pipeline tenders USD 64939124
15-Oct-2019 22-Oct-2019 taiwan air conditioner equipment operations, control and maintaining work. tenders USD 109588668
15-Oct-2019 08-Nov-2019 taiwan the procurement of powder recharging of 10p and 20p dry chemical extinguishers tenders USD 21600000
15-Oct-2019 22-Oct-2019 taiwan interfold facial tissue procurement tenders USD 21940000
15-Oct-2019 19-Nov-2019 taiwan technical service for tung-hsiao power plant 2nd stage renewal project tenders USD 567828742
15-Oct-2019 22-Oct-2019 taiwan taiwan power research institute tenders USD 17640000
15-Oct-2019 21-Oct-2019 taiwan maintenance of hvac system at maanshan nuclear power plant tenders USD 19424049
15-Oct-2019 13-Nov-2019 taiwan across units centralized procurement -a batch of liquid ammonia. tenders USD 598383173
15-Oct-2019 13-Nov-2019 taiwan photocopier leasing tenders USD 6469760
15-Oct-2019 18-Nov-2019 taiwan wind turbine maintenance equipment procurement of kaohsiung marine technology industry innovation tenders USD 20000000
15-Oct-2019 22-Oct-2019 taiwan magnetic ink character recognition for automatic check reader-encoder machine 25 sets and 5 years tenders USD 9348000
15-Oct-2019 22-Oct-2019 taiwan acquisition of hardware for replacing banking workstations and servers tenders USD 97645650
15-Oct-2019 12-Nov-2019 taiwan jinyue works section power, network configuration adjustment and maintenance equipment procurement tenders USD 3296680
15-Oct-2019 05-Nov-2019 taiwan demolition of illegal advertisements and cleaning of traffic safety facilities tenders USD 2270691

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