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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice Type Value
21-Sep-2019 11-Nov-2019 romania rehabilitation of the court of care tenders Refer Document.
20-Sep-2019 N/A romania timber harvesting services prior information notice RON 6162790
20-Sep-2019 N/A romania architectural, engineering and planning services prior information notice RON 184467
20-Sep-2019 21-Sep-2019 romania medical consumables corrigendum Refer Document.
20-Sep-2019 03-Oct-2019 romania laboratory reagents corrigendum Refer Document.
20-Sep-2019 21-Oct-2019 romania medical equipments tenders RON 900900
20-Sep-2019 25-Oct-2019 romania orthopaedic implants tenders RON 19565280
20-Sep-2019 23-Oct-2019 romania medical equipments tenders RON 12902856
20-Sep-2019 29-Oct-2019 romania video projectors tenders RON 70100
20-Sep-2019 18-Oct-2019 romania military uniforms tenders RON 1155560
20-Sep-2019 21-Oct-2019 romania nitrogenous fertilisers tenders RON 1692486
20-Sep-2019 23-Oct-2019 romania disinfectants tenders RON 3626121
20-Sep-2019 28-Oct-2019 romania computer terminals tenders RON 11883316
20-Sep-2019 21-Oct-2019 romania bulldozers tenders EUR 324880
20-Sep-2019 24-Oct-2019 romania overhaul and refurbishment work tenders RON 4387748
20-Sep-2019 28-Oct-2019 romania construction work for halls of residence tenders RON 22639346
20-Sep-2019 24-Oct-2019 romania machine tools for finishing metals tenders RON 923403
20-Sep-2019 21-Oct-2019 romania enamels and glazes tenders RON 716310
20-Sep-2019 N/A romania works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work prior information notice RON 1764756
20-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 romania satellite circuit rental services corrigendum Refer Document.

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