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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice Type Value
09-Dec-2019 03-Jan-2020 portugal video-surveillance system corrigendum Refer Document.
09-Dec-2019 16-Dec-2019 portugal planting and maintenance services of green areas corrigendum Refer Document.
09-Dec-2019 08-Jan-2020 portugal repair and maintenance services of building installations tenders EUR 225000
09-Dec-2019 04-Feb-2020 portugal technical inspection services tenders EUR 420000
09-Dec-2019 05-Jan-2020 portugal travel agency and similar services tenders EUR 180000
09-Dec-2019 06-Jan-2020 portugal construction supervision services tenders EUR 301125
09-Dec-2019 N/A portugal track rails prior information notice Refer Document.
09-Dec-2019 20-Dec-2019 portugal medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products corrigendum Refer Document.
09-Dec-2019 10-Jan-2020 portugal heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installation work tenders EUR 1105000
09-Dec-2019 20-Dec-2019 portugal pharmaceutical products corrigendum Refer Document.
09-Dec-2019 03-Jan-2020 portugal medical consumables corrigendum Refer Document.
09-Dec-2019 06-Jan-2020 portugal printed matter and related products corrigendum Refer Document.
09-Dec-2019 13-Jan-2020 portugal industrial machinery tenders EUR 653669
09-Dec-2019 03-Jan-2020 portugal pharmaceutical products tenders EUR 1383612
09-Dec-2019 06-Jan-2020 portugal oxygenation equipment tenders EUR 251000
09-Dec-2019 19-Dec-2019 portugal preventive maintenance services tenders EUR 252000
09-Dec-2019 27-Dec-2019 portugal wastewater treatment plant construction work corrigendum Refer Document.
09-Dec-2019 06-Jan-2020 portugal electrical services tenders EUR 2730000
07-Dec-2019 06-Jan-2020 portugal requirement to start a 5 mb ethernet commercial lease tenders Refer Document.
06-Dec-2019 03-Jan-2020 portugal supply services of personnel including temporary staff tenders EUR 350000

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