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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
28-Mar-2015 20-Apr-2015 egypt provision of power grid works and road works tenders
28-Mar-2015 03-May-2015 egypt creating 6 quick checkpoints in the city tenders
28-Mar-2015 03-May-2015 egypt implementing a primary school district xvi city tenders
28-Mar-2015 03-May-2015 egypt implementing a primary school district the city`s tenth tenders
28-Mar-2015 03-May-2015 egypt implementing a youth center on a piece of land tenders
27-Mar-2015 11-Apr-2015 egypt removal device pressure spine tenders
27-Mar-2015 05-Apr-2015 egypt body categorically glass option device - a slit lamp -equipment planning corneal tenders
27-Mar-2015 04-Apr-2015 egypt the supply of clothing and furnishings tenders
27-Mar-2015 11-Apr-2015 egypt supply and installation of varieties of network medical gases tenders
27-Mar-2015 07-Apr-2015 egypt cardiothoracic surgery cables tenders
27-Mar-2015 07-Apr-2015 egypt waves ultrasound device on the heart and blood vessels option tenders
27-Mar-2015 30-Mar-2015 egypt exercise of public to buy sportswear for teams co-starring egyptian universities to care for young tenders
27-Mar-2015 02-Apr-2015 egypt supply solutions and accessories blood bank tenders
27-Mar-2015 31-Mar-2015 egypt local bidding rental commercial market shops oven pioneer village (martyr ahmed hamdi) west of sue tenders
27-Mar-2015 09-Apr-2015 egypt stationery consuming hospital tenders
27-Mar-2015 01-Apr-2015 egypt drugs operations and anesthesia ampoules tenders
27-Mar-2015 31-Mar-2015 egypt general medical supplies tenders
27-Mar-2015 06-Apr-2015 egypt sound waves and doppler device option tenders
27-Mar-2015 29-Mar-2015 egypt create computer room tenders
27-Mar-2015 08-Apr-2015 egypt devices unit binoculars digestive system tenders

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